A long time ago...

In the 1820s, lead ore was discovered in Wisconsin. Settlers flooded the area like horny kids on spring break. As it goes, the Native Americans were escorted out by the US government. Stuff like that happened back in those days.

In 1832, the Fox and Sauk tribes decided to return to their homeland. They were led by Chief Black Hawk. They fought battles against the U.S. Army recorded as the Black Hawk War. The Battle of Bad Axe was the result. Trivia: Abraham Lincoln was a member of the U.S. Army at the time.

What also happened in 1832? It was that year the Gierach family settled in Wisconsin and started to plant roots. More Trivia: It wasn't until May 29, 1848 the state of Wisconsin was born as the 30th state.

There are lots of stories of the early Gierach family members having arranged the first ever horse and buggy shows. Fast forward a 100 years, in the 1930s, they opened an auto repair business in Germantown, and a few years later, they made the long journey way out east to Mequon where they remain today. Their passion and care for passenger transport continued to grow.

2021: The 1st Annual GearsForward Mequon Police Car Show

Mike Gearbox Gierach, a member of the TM Lions for 26 years, was having breakfast a few months ago when he realized the time was right for Mequon to have their own car show. Having organized and managed 19 years of shows at Village Park in Theinsville, he decided the time was right because a really good show needs space.

Mike reached out to Scotty Gierach, the owner of Home Plate Asylum and sparks flew. The plan was hatched and Gears Forward began to take shape. Because of their sense of wanting to support the local community, the Mequon Police Department was selected as the group to support. They believe funding and supporting the police is good for everyone, well, except for those who practice thuggery.

Community Inclusion

If you would like to be part of this, as an individual or business owner, consider this your official invite. To get that ball rolling, contact us and say hello. We know from experience, that more is better. You can never have too many people pulling the cart in the same direction.

Everything here is a hurry-up and get-it-done effort, so if you see any bloopers or if you have ideas for what else might help... tell us!

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2023 Event Sponsors/Contributors

Previous Event Sponsors/Contributors

Scenic Enterprises Inc, Charleston, WV

Kwik Trip Inc. Mequon WI.

Eric Von Schledorn, Saukville Wi.

Advanced Auto Parts Brown Deer WI.

Surburban Motors Harley Davidson, Thiensville Wi.

Sue Egolhoff, Mequon, WI

NettWorth Financial Group, Wauwatosa WI.

MKG ENTERPRISES Equipment Financing, Mequon, WI.

Homeplate Asylum Sports Bar, Mequon, WI

Gierach's Service Inc, Mequon, WI

Chucks Place Restaurant, Thiensville WI

Olsen's Piggly Wiggly, Mequon, WI

Todd Gaulke / SnapOn, Glendale, WI


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