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How can I help support this event?

Let's start with the simple stuff. Download our GearsForward.com CutSheet. What's a cutsheet? Good Q! Here's one at Piggly

So print a few, then cut up the bottom strips so people can easily remove one. Then tack or tape it where fun people hang out! Is that fun or what?

When you're done with that assignment, contact us and we can brainstorm whatever ideas you have.

Will there be food and beverages?

You bet! Good stuff too. This event is being held at a premier sports bar and grill in Mequon called Home Plate Asylum. They will be making sure all the deliciousness is cooked to perfection. We will be serving burgers, dogs, brats, corn and other related fun food you would normally find at a car show.

What does it cost?

For those showing cars, there is a required $10 purchase of a raffle ticket. Yes, we are forcing you to potentially get lucky here.

Everyone else just lookin at cars: You pay for only those things you want.

Remember, this is a fundraiser to support the Mequon Police Department. A full accounting of all expenses and revenue will be provided here after the event.

How do I enter my car?

Duh! Use our handy online sign-up form. If you are into downloading and printing things, we also have a PDF sign-up form, just for people like you. Either way, we need to have your John Hancock before you can park your ride at the show.

Can we bring coolers?

No! If you do that, it is not good for our event. Our food and beverages will be reasonably priced. So please do not bring coolers.

I am a local business owner and would like to be part of this. What's involved?

Contact us! The more the merrier!

I am a vendor and would like to sell items. Can I do that?

You sure can, but space is limited. Here are the basics:

If you are intersted, CONTACT US and tell us what you have in mind. Obviously, space is a constraint, but we very much want to support local businesses. If you would prefer, grab a pen and download the sign-up form. If you plan to be there, this signed document is required.
Is there a way I can be kept in the loop?

Go HERE and enter your email address. As we have meaningful updates, we will email you. We are not affiliated with China or Russia so your data is safe with us.

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